Incident Creates Offensive Odor

January 15, 2010

in Odor Stories

I had some awful flights in the past but nothing ever like the one I was on returning home from Cuba.

Two years ago after a great two weeks in the sun, I was seated on the plane about 3 rows behind a lady in her early 70s when all of a sudden this horrid odor drifted towards me. I looked around and noticed many passengers holding their nose with blankets or their hands and gasping for air. The elderly lady stood and started walking past my seat towards the bathroom. It was clear that she pooped herself, but the worst thing was that she was wearing a dress and it was dripping down her leg and leaving a trail behind her.

The stewardess started to spray this deodorizer which helped for a short time, until the lady emerged from the bathroom carrying her panties in a paper bag. Just when you think the worst was over, out came the dinner cart. When the lasagna was served, a young boy who happen to be sitting by the lady threw up all over the seat in front of him. I did feel sorry for the lady as she was quite embarrassed.

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