Last February I flew to Vietnam to visit my brother who teaches English in the Mekong Delta. I wound up getting stuck over there for a few extra weeks because my passport and visa were stolen and I couldn’t leave the country until I had obtained new documents from the Vietnamese government. By the time […]


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I’d had bad trips before (no pun intended), but little did I know about this one in particular. Our stay in Varadero, Cuba, 02/2010, was good but not great. My sis and dad fell ill. When the holiday came to an end, we left at midnight to be at the airport at 3:00 a.m. All […]


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About two years ago an opportunity came up for me to travel to India through a program with the university that I attended. I was a little nervous about such a long flight, and since I was flying coach I expected it to be a little rough. On the way to India I “lucked out” […]


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Flying Cathay Pacific direct from Hong Kong to Toronto one August. Let’s count all the things that went wrong: 1. I sat behind two babies, next to a couple with two babies, in front of one baby, and to the right of yet another baby across the aisle. None were enjoying their flight.


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Piles of Poop

September 18, 2012

in Senior Stories

My husband and I were connecting in Phoenix via Southwest Airlines and finishing out our last 45 minutes until landing at John Wayne Airport. We were riding up front on the left hand side of the plane. A very large, overweight female senior was seated in the front row on the right side. She was […]


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This happened a few years ago on a return flight from Las Vegas, but it is still as vivid in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I had boarded and was getting comfortable in my window seat, located pretty far in the rear. The two seats next to me were still open, but it […]


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When I got to the airport, people told me I was “brave” for flying alone with two kids.  I wasn’t sure if I was more brave or stupid, but either way I was flying halfway across the US to St. Louis.  It was going to be rough because 1) Getting to my hometown is never […]


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The Great Explosion

November 12, 2010

in Passenger Stories

Those of us who traveled in the early to mid-1990s remember the ranch being given away on the frequent flyer programs.  One could actually MAKE points by flying first class on Delta – the upgrade cost was paid back greater with bonus points for BEING THERE.  Costs of a free flight were also less, relatively […]


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Fetid Flight

October 25, 2010

in Odor Stories

Once upon a time on a flight from Germany to New York, around 50 people from India decided to visit their relatives. It would have been a nice flight, but I’m sorry to say that the spices they use in their food is not good for the atmosphere. Besides that, a couple had their little […]


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Two years ago I booked a flight from New Orleans to Sydney Australia via LAX with United. Now, I know that by most people’s judgement I am considered a “slob” because I weigh 522 pounds. But there is a difference between people who eat a lot and me because I have a thyroid condition that […]


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Last year I took Royal Jordanian from Bangkok to Amman and back with a group of my friends. Now, I’ve taken a lot of flights that had issues, but this may genuinely have been the worst one I’ve ever taken. I was on a connecting flight from Singapore and had a 6 hour layover. Not […]


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I recently flew from Australia to the United States to visit family for Thanksgiving. My mother has flown to Australia a couple of times in United Economy Plus, so I asked her before I flew if she thought it was worth it to upgrade. She told me, “Absolutely! You’re closer to the front of the […]


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