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USA TODAY – Best airports for craft beer lovers
“Back then, finding good beer anywhere was difficult and there were no security matters at the airport to worry about, so I had no reservations about making the trip from Tampa to Orlando to experience the coolness of a brewery inside of an airport,” said Gregg Rottler, creator of the Flights From Hell website. … Read more »

NBC WFLA News Channel 8 – Holiday air travelers may experience odd sights

NBC Passenger shaming blogs expose air travel troublemakers

MSNBC – Reconnect online with that cute seatmate…
“While websites such as Flights from Hell are filled with stories of devilish and disgusting seatmates…”

St. Louis Today – Should airline seats be segregated by age, size?
“As an aside, if you like to read horror stories about bad flights, there’s a site called ‘Flights from Hell’ that you might want to check out.” … Read more »

St. Louis TodayHow have your plane experiences changed in recent years?
“There’s even a website called Flights from Hell in which travelers detail the horrors they encounter from fellow pasengers, flight attendants or just general airport behavior.” … Read more »

FoxSteve Slater and Other Airplane Freak Outs

Financial Times Deutschland (Germany) – Fliegen ist zu einer Bürde geworden
“Streit mit den Stewardessen gehabt? Vom Sitznachbarn vollgekotzt worden? Solche Flugzeug-Horrorgeschichten sammelt der US-Amerikaner Gregg Rottler – und veröffentlicht sie auf seiner Website, Flights from Hell.” … Read more »

New York TimesRelishing Tales of Troubled Travel
“I think it’s therapeutic for people to contribute bad stories and vent,” Mr. Rottler said. “It’s like a bonding experience, especially among frequent business travelers who have endured these experiences and consider them a badge of honor.” … Read more »

Neon Magazine (Germany) – Flüge aus der Hölle

CNN – How old is the plane you’re flying on?
“‘There’s a strange whistling in the cabin,’ wrote a poster recently on, recalling a tense journey on what appeared to be an old plane.” … Read more »

CNNSurviving the Talkative Airplane Seatmate
“Gregg Rottler, founder of, said he tries to stop talkers in their tracks by bringing a bag full of newspapers and reading throughout the flight.” … Read more »

CBC – Stuck next to a screaming kid on a flight? It could be worse
“‘Then, there is a story that’s going to have the word cannibal and I’ll leave it at that,’ said Gregg Rottler, a 54-year-old county health officer from Tampa, Fla., and web genius behind” … Read more »

CBC – UA to charge obese flyers for 2nd seat
“‘I was immediately squashed into the window. I was mad; I didn’t pay to be smothered for five hours,’ griped one traveller in a story on the website.” … Read more »

PeterGreenberg.comThe Worst Flights From Hell Can Now Be Seen Online
“But passengers who really feel the need to vent now have an outlet for their frustration. The Web site allows both travelers and flight attendants to share stories of particularly awful in-flight experiences.” … Read more »

Hispanic Business – Flights from Hell: Vent Your In-Air (or Runway) Nightmares

CNN‘Mr. Poopy Pants’ and fees frustrate flyers
“‘We’ve all had our flying hell experiences,’ said Gregg Rottler, creator of” … Read more »

MSNBCFlying is scary, well-mannered travelers confirm
“You see, this week’s column is devoted to spooky stories sent in by readers. Because there were so many stories to choose from, I asked Gregg Rottler, captain of the scary-all-the-time Flights from Hell Web site, to help me choose the kookiest and most unpredictable tales to share.”

Tampa Bay Times – lets anonymous travelers share bad experiences
“Tracking the turbulent state of airlines — and the people flying them these days — keeps him busy. Anonymous travelers regularly send in stories of in-flight horrors to his Web site. They read like dispatches from the front lines.”

NBC WFLA News Channel 8
Tampa, Florida TV newscast about Interview conducted at Tampa International Airport. …Video»

MSNBCFlying — and surviving — the unfriendly skies
“’People are reaching the boiling point,’ suggests Gregg Rottler, a Tampa-based state health officer who launched last year as an online forum for travelers who want to vent about their air-travel horror stories.”

London Times Online (Great Britain) –  10 travel websites to watch: April

New York TimesAboard Planes, Class Conflict
“Mr. Fesler is hardly alone in his antipathy toward the airlines, as anyone who has spent time reading the angry customer postings on Web sites like, and knows.” … Read more »

SeacoastonlineFlotsam and Jetsam
“It had to happen: Blogs and interactive Web sites are now providing a conduit for whiners. and are but two examples of where you can go to lodge your complaints …; and enjoy those of others.”

Seattle Post-IntelligencerFlights from hell
“Everybody needs a place to vent, especially when it comes to airline travels. And as more people hit the roads this Thanksgiving, might be the right anecdote to travel frustrations.”

Hartford CourantWeb Sites Collect Hellish Travel Stories

New York TimesVenting, Yes. Profiting, No.
“’It clicked to me that Flightsfromhell would be a cool site,’ he said. But surely, wasn’t available. It was.” … Read more » 

MSNBCFreaky flights: Should you greet the gremlin?
“And I’d definitely send my story to Gregg Rottler. By day Rottler supervises regulatory programs for a county health department in Florida. But at night, he stays busy tending to the cauldron he calls” … Read more »


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