I was flying back to Fargo from Boston after a spring break. In the six months prior to this flight, I had passed 15+ kidney stones. The very week prior to this flight, I had surgery to remove a rather large stone. After that surgery, I was given an antibiotic to help avoid an infection. […]


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On a recent redeye flight, I popped an Ambien as I needed to sleep so that I would be awake for an early morning meeting. Now, Ambien knocks me on my butt as I have only taken it a few times in my life. Lo and behold, the ONE time I have EVER taken a […]


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I was flying from New Orleans back to Los Angeles and for some strange reason there were A LOT of babies on this flight!!!! I was sitting all the way in the back of the plane and this allowed me to see all the people boarding. Naturally, by the time the plane was full most […]


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I was flying from Canada to Germany in the Bulkhead area, so I had roughly 3 feet of space in front of me. I always take extra strength Advil on the flight as I get a migraine once every couple of weeks, however I had never had a migraine on a flight before. We had […]


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Can someone please explain to the countless morons out there who choose to have children and fly with them that “red-eye” flights have become flights for those who need to sleep while in the air and go to work the next morning? Are you going to reimbursement me for the time I miss at work […]


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Several months ago my wife and I were on a flight from Boston to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. While the flight was full, my wife had managed to score us seats in the exit row allowing us to stretch out a bit and enjoy our vacation from the start. Prior to getting […]


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How should passengers behave and appear in order to be considered perfect? Based on annoyances described in stories received, we’ve come up with a list of airline passenger don’ts in order to avoid offending everybody in the world: The Perfect Passenger… Doesn’t talk too much Doesn’t expel unpleasant gasses Doesn’t pick or scratch his nose, […]

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Continental Flight 512 (EWR – POP Newark, NJ to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) 1/22/09 We arrived in Puerto Plata only to circle the airport for about an hour and a half. No updates were given by the crew. Finally the pilot said we were diverting to Santo Domingo airport because the cloud level was too […]


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After twenty years of flying, for the first time I’ve encountered the frustration of an airline loosing my bag permanently! It’s now been two months and there’s no sign of it anywhere! It’s just vanished! As if that’s not bad enough, this is a slightly unique circumstance. I’m at my wits end, and at this […]


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Hubby Dearest

November 29, 2007

in Couples Stories

About six years ago, I traveled with the passenger from hell. The problem was, it was my husband. We were going from New York to Sacramento, CA to visit my relatives. I should have known the trip was doomed when he forgot his insulin (hubby dearest was diabetic) and didn’t remember until we were almost […]


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High In The Sky

November 5, 2007

in Odds & Ends Stories

Last year my sister and a friend and I flew from Philadelphia to Las Vegas for an eagerly awaited vacation. It had been many years since I had flown and I was nervous, especially since I have severe claustrophobia. My doctor gave me a few strong sedatives to take on an as needed basis. The […]


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I had travelled to beautiful Fort Huachuca, Arizona, to attend a military conference. Unfortunately. I was forced to spend the three days of the conference in the local hospital enduring treatment for kidney stones. Following surgery to remove said stones, I was released (with a final dose of Demerol and other pain meds) and subsequently […]


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