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Commercial airline travel takes us far, far out of our comfort zone. We're herded into cylinders that zip hundreds of miles per hour at 30,000 feet, subjected to security screenings, confronted with delays and lost luggage, rushed to catch connecting flights, constrained to small seats, scrunched up with strangers, and surrounded by pathogens. Is it any wonder we end up becoming a bundle of raw nerves by journey's end?

Kids Create Consternation

February 19, 2014 Baby & Kid Stories

I really love kids – most of the time. We were flying from Brussels to New York last March. First of all, our plane was 40 minutes late because we had to wait for a large group of people coming from Paris. So we were sitting there in the plane waiting for that group.

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Message Delivered Too Late

February 17, 2014 Airport Stories

I was part of a university trip from Ontario to Tanzania, Africa. Seven students, myself included, were flying from Toronto to Amsterdam. The rest of the group, the professors included, were flying from Ottawa to Amsterdam. We would all meet up on our connecting flight and fly into Tanzania together.

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Child Nervous About Security Check

February 13, 2014 Airport Stories

This isn’t a horrific story like some of the others on here; it was more embarrassing really. It happened pre-9/11 and I was flying with my family from the east coast of Canada to Alberta. The flight there was fine; I passed with security no problem.

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Complaints About Child Crying from Pain

February 10, 2014 Baby & Kid Stories

This occurred several years ago on a short flight (about 5 hours) when my little sister was no more than 3 or 4 years old. Not long after take off she began whimpering and crying very loudly, complaining that her ears hurt her. We tried all the tricks: yawning, chewing gum, etc. Nothing was helping. […]

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Checked In but Denied Boarding

February 7, 2014 Airport Stories

If you fly on United Airlines you may be treated to a little public service video they share before the safety video, pre-departure. It details how much they care about their customers, and has touching vignettes of UA staff going above and beyond for their customers. What a crock of sh*t. I’ll try to make my […]

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Several Seat Stories

February 5, 2014 Seat Stories

I fly about once a year so I am not a frequent flier, but I have experienced many of the same bad experiences. Seat reclining really should be limited.

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Airline Staff Lack Customer Service Skills

February 1, 2014 Flying Hell Commentary

Since this is mostly a North American blog, here is an outside view on U.S. transfer regulations and American Airlines customer service. AA asked me for an evaluation – so they got it:

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Talkative Traveler in Seat 1A

January 20, 2014 Senior Stories

I was flying United from ORD to LAX and upon boarding was pleasantly surprised to find that I was upgraded to First Class. My inner elitist crept up as I walked along the ramp, embracing for whatever reason the façade and aura that this is how I usually fly.

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Loose Lipped Flight Attendant

January 12, 2014 Attendant & Pilot Stories

I fly US Airways Munich-Philadelphia about three times a year. My last flight involved a flight attendant who greeted me, my husband and our 18-month old toddler with, “Oh no, a baby? You gotta be kidding me!”

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Couple Beleaguered by Multiple Cancellations

January 10, 2014 Delay/Cancellation Stories

Dear Delta, We do understand the weather situation. However, our problems originated from technical faults of your airline. The cancellation of flight KL6104 due to technical faults was the catalyst for the myriad of problems that resulted, which included four preceding flights that were cancelled at the last minute with little or no explanation, leaving us […]

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Traveler Burdened with a Broken Leg

January 1, 2014 Passenger Stories

After breaking my lower leg on a trip to San Diego, I was placed in a non-weight bearing cast and given crutches. I returned to Milwaukee 4 days later and had to transfer in Chicago. The little plane had lots of stairs to climb and I had to carry a legal sized carry-on bag and […]

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Request to Hold Baby Rankles Mom

December 22, 2013 Baby & Kid Stories

I was flying with my three month old son. He was strapped to me in a sling as I read a magazine in my middle seat. I had booked the seat beside me for him in case either one of us needed some space. About forty minutes into the flight, a child and her dad […]

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