Travel Troubles End With Aerial Tour

September 10, 2015

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I didn’t want to find out when I flew from Denver to Philadelphia that all of the flights to New York got canceled for the night. Even though I stood in a long line for two hours, unable to charge my cell phone, I couldn’t get a hotel voucher because they ran out of them. Regardless of whether I was flying first class or not, all the airport lounges were closed.

Since I didn’t want to stay in the airport all night, I ran rampant in the rain to see Philly at night. Yes, it was dangerous, but I only went to City Center and returned by public bus. Once I got back to the airport, I was able to find a cozy spot in baggage claim where I charged my phone and got on YouTube since I couldn’t go into the security checkpoint until 4:30 AM.

As soon as I got past the security checkpoint, I pulled three chairs together and slept there for two hours. When I woke up, I got up and took the shuttle bus to Terminal F. When I got there I found a bench with no arm rests and slept until it was time to freshen up and board  the second flight to New York for the day.

Even though it was a sunny day when I boarded, there was so much turbulence during the flight that they couldn’t even have beverage service. When we got to New York City, it was forced to circle around until it landed. While circling I got see the Staten Island ferry boats, Statue of Liberty, part of One World Trade Center tower, part of the Empire State Building, the former New York World’s Fair site, Citi Field, a park with the park’s department logo on it, a swimming pool, and part of the 7 Train Line’s outdoor stations.

In the end, I can safely conclude that Anything Goes with the new American Airlines.

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I couldn't get an inn voucher in light of the fact that they came up short on them. Despite whether I was flying with every available amenity or not, all the air terminal parlors were shut.


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