Girl’s Trip Goes Bad

May 29, 2010

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Ok so I have saved up for the girl’s trip all year and I am finally going to Italy for 16 days!!! Yea!!! I live in Bermuda and we have to take a plane from BDA to New York JFK with a 10 hour layover inbetween before we get on a plane to Rome, so we have some friends coming to the airport to meet us.

So the trip started badly when I get a phone call from American at 3am that the flight will be delayed due to the crew having to stay on the ground… ok fine thanks for waking me…

We get to the airport and check in, all’s fine. We get on the plane and start to taxi out, then we stop and proceed to go back to the terminal. The pilot says, “sorry folks there seems to be a slight problem with a blinky lite regarding the breaking system it will be a few minutes so sit tight.” Ok no prob I don’t mind a few min layover. About 30 min later the captain puts on a movie “My Life In Ruins” (this should have been a sign). About halfway through the movie the captain says that the flight has been cancelled but he cannot let us off the plane due to an emergency flight that just landed. An hour later we get off the plane and the airline says that they can give us some options – 1) go to Boston 2) go to Atlanta 3) go to Philly. None of these will get us to New York in time for our connecting flight to Rome which was on another airline.

So after trying to get something that will get us close to New York, they offered us a trip to Newark at 4pm which would have gotten us to Newark at 5 and then have to take a cab to JFK for 7 in rush hour traffic… ha!!!

Our saviour JetBlue came by and said that they have a plane leaving now to JFK and it will get us there in plenty of time to make our connecting flight. The catch… we would have to pay an additional $300 to get on. The original round trip on the other airline was $300 so now I would have to pay that for a one way ticket!! We took the offer thinking we will get a refund from the other airline after the trip was over giving that it was a mechanical issue.

Ok so we get to JFK and check in with the other airline and get to our gate which is so crowded that there were no seats and the A/C was clearly not working hard enough. So we sit on the only available spot on the floor and wait for our flight. And wait. And wait…

Our flight was supposed to leave at 7pm, at 8:30 we get an announcement that our plane was not working properly so they were trying to find a plane and it will be a while (notice no time mentioned). Ok so I figured it will be a while and I go get some food and walk around the terminal to keep me busy. I bought a book and went to sit back down on the floor.

Nine-thirty comes and goes, and by 10pm we finally get the announcement that they will start boarding the plane. Yea! We get on the plane and I swear that they used a domestic plane to go to Rome; there was no leg space at all and it was a full flight! During the flight over I tried to sleep as much as possible cause I am claustrophobic and there were too many people and not enough space. My friend said that they only came by 2x with drinks so we were all terribly dehydrated and cranky when we eventually got off the plane 9 hours later. I can clearly say that I will never fly with that airline ever again unless my life depended on it.

Once I got to Rome it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back.

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Dina May 29, 2010 at 4:24 pm

No leg space? Sounds like a normal international flight in economy to me…


Peace Lover May 29, 2010 at 10:46 pm

It must be great living Bermuda. The sun, the sea, the sand right outside you’re door! That’s a very nice picture of you Dina, you look like a friendly person.


Dina May 30, 2010 at 2:28 am

Why thank you :3


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