Partying Passenger’s Indiscretion

February 23, 2010

in Passenger Stories

I recently flew from Liverpool to Amsterdam with one of the budget airlines. It was a 6.15 am flight so I got to the airport early as the airline operates a first come, first seated policy.

I’ve always been amazed that when I get to the airport this flight is always full of the stag weekenders; large groups of males who go to Amsterdam for the beer, sex shows and to smoke weed in the Brown Cafes. And they are always trying to drink the airport bar dry before they board.

So we get to the gate and I am one of the first on and got my seat. I always take an aisle seat, and I try to sit near the exit since when I get to Amsterdam I have a two hour drive ahead of me.

The plane quickly filled up, and the window seat on my row was taken by another chap who like me was going to the Netherlands to work. The seat between us was empty and we both hoped that it would remain so.

The final group of passengers boarded and one was a little agitated (and very drunk) as his “mates” had left him behind. He was argumentative and began to bicker with the stewardess. She tactfully calmed him down, but the only remaining seat was between myself and my fellow passenger. She sat him there. Immediately he took both armrests and fell into a drunken sleep.

As the flight took off his head rested on my shoulder; I pushed him away and it fell on the other guy, who did likewise. His head then nodded forward and he slept on.

About half way through the flight, I could smell urine, and noticed the sleeping drunk next to me had wet himself.

When we landed in Amsterdam, I took my bag and was off the flight. As I passed the stewardess I pointed out our drunken passenger who was still in the land of nod, and his “slight indiscretion.”

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