Beer Brawl

January 11, 2010

in Passenger Stories

I was on a flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok, with the flight going on to Singapore. There were 3 Germans on the flight who started drinking the moment the plane departed, and didn’t stop. No problem there, but they were sitting apart, and wanted to talk to each other. As they drank, they got more careless. Soon they began spilling drinks on other passengers, accidentally I assume.

There was one Singaporean man, a businessman by his looks, who was going all the way to Singapore. He wanted to sleep during the 11 hour flight. He kept asking the Germans to please be more quiet. As they got more drunk the Germans began to get more obnoxious, and more careless with their drinks. They were standing in the aisle drinking, and the stewardess kept asking them to sit down. Finally the Singaporean asked them to please sit down, at which point one of the Germans went and got another beer which he brought back and deliberately poured on to the Singaporean man’s head. The Singaporean jumped up and hit the German. The other two Germans joined in the fight, attacking the Singaporean. It took two or three attendants to get them all separated.

When the plane landed in Bangkok, we were asked to remain in our seats for a while. Thai police entered the plane and arrested the 3 Germans. They also removed the Singaporean businessman. I was getting off the plane in Bangkok, and I had the good fortune of seeing the three drunk Germans being hauled away by the Thai police.

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