The Pancake Flight

November 5, 2009

in Portly Stories

I was on a flight from Phoenix to Providence that had a change of planes in Atlanta. The Atlanta to Providence leg was on an MD-80 and, sure enough, I got the window seat in the last row next to the rear engine nacelle. For those not familiar with the back of an MD-80, the fuselage narrows at that point and the last row has only two seats instead of three. At six feet tall and 150 pounds, I don’t take up a lot of sidewise space and never have any problems on planes – until this flight. Sure enough, the plane is packed and just after I sit down the passenger seated next to me shows up… all six foot three and 400+ pounds of him. The guy was just hugely fat. He wedged himself into that seat and squashed me up against the bulkhead like a pancake, which is where I stayed for the 90-minute flight to Providence. There was no option of moving because the plane was overbooked. At least the flight attendant took pity on me and brought me some extra “sedatives.”

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DSD November 8, 2009 at 9:57 am

Thats when, before the guy sits down, you put the arm rest down and as sweetly as possible tell the guy that you get what you pay for and he didn't pay for part of your ticket there for he is not entitled to part of your seat.


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