Near Fight Over Reclining Seat

November 29, 2009

in Seat Stories

We were on the last leg of a long, international flight. We board the plane, and when we get to our seats, we find that the rows behind us and in front of us are occupied by some very loud individuals. We weren’t too concerned, as this was the last leg of our trip and the flight was only a few hours long. The plane takes off and eventually we reach altitude and everyone starts to recline their seats to get a little rest. Like everyone else, I recline my seat back, but am met with someone hitting the back of my seat when I do. I turn around and see one member from this loud group yelling at me in Italian. Based on the behavior of this gentleman and his group, it became clear that they had never flown before. I simply pointed to everyone else who had their seats reclined to show that this is what happens while flying and reclined my seat again. The Italian guy got up at this point and, in the process, elbowed the guy sitting next to me. There was some yelling in various languages and I realized then that this was going to be a long flight.

Italian guy returned and immediately hit my seat again. This time, the guy sitting next to me came to my defense and told the Italian guy that people were allowed to recline seats. I thought for sure this would settle down the Italian guy but the next time I reclined my seat, it was met with a blow so forceful that it pushed my face into the seat in front of me. I panicked for a moment because I thought my glasses were broken. Meanwhile, the guy sitting next to me starts screaming at the Italian guy. They are both in the aisle and look as though they are going to start fighting. I push for the call button and finally a flight attendant arrives. Of course, she doesn’t speak a lick of Italian and it takes the crew another few minutes to locate an attendant who does speak Italian and can tell Italian guy to settle down. Finally, the Italian-speaking attendant arrives and basically tells the Italian guy to settle down or he will be arrested. She explains to him that people can recline their seats in flight. This FINALLY seems to do the trick and Italian guy quiets down. I have never been so happy to get off a plane before!


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