Three Short “Flesh Spilling Over” Stories

October 17, 2009

in Portly Stories

(#1) On an airbus from Dallas to Los Angeles (after flying to Dallas from London) I was seated one seat from the aisle. The man who sat down next to me was not only giant, buy very hairy and he smelled funny, like body odor and old food. He physically spilled over onto my seat and I practically had to sit in my other neighbor’s lap to not be touched by the hairy behemoth. He proceeded to eat snacks the entire flight and he chewed with his mouth open. It was the most foul experience I’ve ever had on an airline.

(#2) I was on a short flight from NYC to Tampa. The flight was cramped. I boarded the place late so when I went to my seat there was an obese lady sitting in the aisle seat. I had the window seat on a two seat row. She had raised the armrests so that part of her body was leaning against mine. She was sweaty and I could feel her body temperature throughout the entire flight. I was so happy when I got off the plane. I know now that if that happens to me again I would lower the armrest.

(#3) Short and not so sweet. I was on the way from Atlanta to Pensacola and a very large woman had the seat next to me. Her body was literally flowing onto me. Her very tall, thin son had the seat opposite with no one beside him. She was very nice and wanted to talk, which I did but I was totally grossed out by having her fat rolling over me. I should have just changed seats but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. It was weird. It was like she didn’t know that her fat was taking up half of my seat. Thank heavens it was only an hour flight.

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