Dirty Dingy Orange Underwear

October 16, 2009

in Portly Stories

I was leaving on an early 7:30 a.m. Southwest flight from Oakland to St. Louis with a plane change in Denver, I got a window seat near the rear; later a fellow took the aisle seat no problem, plane is now getting very full.

We are about to depart and from what I could see the plane is completely full except for the middle seat next to me. Then suddenly here comes one more passenger, literally about 400 pounds and can barely walk down the aisle; in fact he had to stop and rest on the way down to the back.

He takes the middle seat and we both have to lean in a V pattern to get him in – it was amazing to see him stuff luggage under the seat as well. Fifteen minutes into the flight he finally manages to get his bag open under the seat and pulls out a full bag of Oreo’s – it was at this point when he leaned over I saw a huge mass of flesh and dirty, dingy orange underwear he was wearing – it made me ill to see that.

Then he proceeds to eat the whole bag of Oreos and orders a beer to wash it down (remember it’s 7:30 a.m.). When we land he gets up and sits across the aisle so everyone else can get out. I thought that was the last of that.

Later on my connecting flight – again full I am sitting in my seat and here he comes again – luckily someone took the center seat first and he gets in the aisle across from me.

I sure felt sorry for those folks – I knew how they felt – literally this guy should have had 2 seats at a minimum. Body odor was not good either; I felt sorry for him.

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ps October 21, 2009 at 8:17 am

While that is a flight from hell, you take a risk on no frills airlines as they will attract those who are looking for savings whether business or pleasure or those that would not be flying unless an airline like Southwest (Air Walmart except the crews are great and the plane is made in the USA) offered airflites for bus prices. It’s the luck of the draw.


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