Kitty Has Crap Scared Out Of Him

July 23, 2009

in Animal Stories

About a year ago my teenage son was flying from Vancouver to Calgary. He was bringing with him a cat we were rescuing. The cat is now a very much loved part of our family but at the time he (the cat) had no idea what was going on and he didn’t travel very well.

Long story short, the cat had the crap scared out of him, literally, and my poor son had to sit there and pretend that the smell was okay. I have always felt for him (my son) and for the people sitting near him. Bringing the cat home was a last minute decision and we really thought it would be more calming for the cat to be in the cabin instead of stowed with the luggage.

So if you were on that flight and were assaulted with the stench of cat urine and crap, I apologize and hope the rest of your travels were smooth, calm and odor free.

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