The Creepy Passenger

May 26, 2009

in Passenger Stories

I was flying from the east coast to the west coast (I can’t give specifics because I had received the ticket from a relative who works for the airline) and was lucky enough to secure a first class seat. It was an older plane but the seats were pretty spacious and there was a large arm rest dividing the two seats. We left on time and my neighbor (a foreign man missing a few teeth) immediately starts ordering screwdrivers even though it was only 7:30 in the morning. Well for some reason we get delayed on the tarmac and are forced to sit there for over two hours. During this time my neighbor starts talking to me and at first I’m polite but then he starts to get a little bit more aggressive telling me how smart I seem (really impossible to determine because I had said about three words. He did all the talking bragging about his engineering business) and how he wants to give me a job once I’m done with school and how my unique look would really take me places in the engineering world (what? yah that’s what I thought too). All this time he’s had a couple of screwdrivers and maybe a glass of wine and then is told he can’t have anymore until we are in the air. I decide he is weird and put on my headphones and pretend to sleep.

Well the plane gets in the air and they put on a movie I had wanted to see so I wrap myself in a blanket and start watching. I slightly shift and feel something brush against my leg. I look down and my now “sleeping” neighbor has his blanket completely over the armrest and is touching the edge of my seat. His arm is underneath the blanket. His hand had brushed against my leg. This creeped me out but he appears to be sleeping so I scoot as far as I can against the window, wrap my blanket around me tighter and continue watching my movie. I literally do not move an inch for two hours. Not an inch. I was so creeped out from this guy touching my leg.

However, I couldn’t take it anymore and shift positions. I feel something again, this time against my side. I look down and this guy has his arm over the arm rest again and….is stroking my side!!! His grubby hands are slowly and deliberately going up and down my side while the rest of his body is wrapped in his blanket like a cocoon doing God knows what. I yell out “Don’t touch me!” and get the flight attendant. I take my stuff and move to a seat in the back of the plane for the rest of the flight. He had a great surprise when we landed and he was escorted off the plane by the police and an FBI agent. He apparently felt he was doing nothing wrong and wanted to apologize to me in person for any misunderstandings. I don’t think so.

The ironic part is he was going out west to attend a Tony Robbins seminar.

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