Unruly Kids Tamed by Threat of Curse

May 4, 2014

in Baby & Kid Stories

I was flying from Sydney to Melbourne not long ago and had the pleasure of sitting in front of three of the noisiest, misbehaved kids I have ever met. Their parents had bought seats in business class and did not once come back to check on their kids.

I was seated next to a 14 or 15-year-old girl in the middle seat, and on the aisle seat next to her was an old lady of about 50 who I later learned was her grandmother. The kids started kicking the grandmother’s seat, and despite glares from the granddaughter, they did not stop. Once the children figured out what a fun game this was they started with the girl and me as well. I complained to an FA who said in a sullen tone that it wasn’t her problem. Everyone near us glared at these children who did not seem to care.

Finally the last straw came when one of the children hit the grandmother’s seat particularly hard and the old lady hit her knee on the seat in front of her. The granddaughter kneeled up on her seat suddenly and starting saying some words ominously in Hindi or Urdu. I had lived in India for a while working in a bank and knew some Hindi, but all I could catch from her words were “doll,” “banana” and “water.” The children stopped and stared in fear, and she finished almost chanting these words.

She then said, “I have put a curse on you and it will take place in three days. Stop kicking our seats and maybe I will remove it.” She promptly sat down and crossed her legs. Miraculously we did not hear a peep out of these kids for the rest of the flight.

I approached her after the flight and asked about this. She laughed and said she was saying random words in Urdu and hoped it sounded evil. She told me her grandmother had a knee problem and she would not have scared the children like that if they hadn’t hurt her knee.

I applaud this girl and hope some of you try this trick since it seems to work.

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