Crotchety Fraus Trouble Traveler

December 20, 2013

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This happened on a flight from MUC to IAD last year on Lufthansa. Before boarding the plane, my wife and I hoped to use up some of our spare expiring miles to buy some duty-free booze. We asked a young lady who worked there and spoke good English if they took miles and she said yes. We did our shopping; the young woman was off duty when we checked out so an older woman processed our purchases. When she finished I gave her my mileage card. She said I needed a credit card. I said no, I wanted to use my miles. She didn’t understand English well. I tried to get another old woman but she didn’t understand as well and blew me off. I gave up. In the meantime, I saw her also give a hard time to other customers.

Then onto the plane. As always with Lufthansa, we had excellent service. We sit down, and after the seatbelt light goes off I gently recline my seat. The old lady behind me kicks and screams at the top of her lungs, “He’s hurting me! Stop!” and screams. This was not a huge recline but I worried: maybe she’s tall? I walked back after she went to sleep and I saw that she was not tall at all. So I gently tried sneaking it back later and again loud screaming and kicking began. I gave up. But after those two old ladies gave me hell, I was meek for the rest of the flight.

Another flight, same leg and airline, turned out to be one of my BEST trips (ties into this) as a disaster averted. I asked my travel agent to put me in a good seat. I checked online during check-in and surprise, she put me by the toilet! I quickly found one of the few remaining decent seats and locked it in. And boy, was that a good flight FOR ME!

When I checked later, the poor German guy who wound up in my toilet seat was next to an old German woman. She beeped the attendant every 30 minutes to complain that her legs hurt because the seat was small, and that she wanted her food more quickly. I sympathized with the FA and told him that he handled himself amazingly and begged for some meat (I know it runs out fast!). He snuck me some from business.

I suppose that perhaps those old women were just having bad days. Perhaps they had mental disorders (seriously). Or maybe they’re just real nasty. In any case, I haven’t encountered anything like that elsewhere.

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Rachel K. January 30, 2014 at 9:04 pm

Just wondering, did you complain at all to the airline about your experience, and if so, did they do anything? Just wondering how Lufthansa is with responding to in-flight issues…


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