Scared by Stares

November 22, 2011

in Passenger Stories

I’m always travelling to the Middle East. This time I was flying back home from Lebanon to Australia. Now my sister, parents and I were booked to sit next to each other, but as you may know airlines always make mistakes and that’s fine, so I had to sit one row behind next to an Asian lady who was super nice and wonderful to sit next to through the whole way. I can’t really remember her name, but as we were having a lovely conversation she noticed that the man sitting on my left who wasn’t right next to me (there was an aisle in-between) was staring at me. I looked and thought, oh well, he’s probably looking to the other side.

I kind of felt paranoid; every time I’d look to my left I would find him staring. I felt completely uncomfortable! I wanted to tell my parents or a flight attendant, but then I thought to myself what if he’s not looking at me. So every now and then the lady and I would start a new conversation, and she’d still notice him staring! He looked like a terrorist (well that’s what the lady and I named him). I was only young and didn’t know anything, but I was sooo scared. So I just stopped looking at him the whole way through; the flight was 14 hours straight. Imagine how you’d feel… He was probably a very polite man, but I felt completely uncomfortable since he was waaaay older than me!

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... November 24, 2011 at 7:25 am

yeeahh thatt always happends to meee ! its so uncomfortablee !!!!!


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