Grace Asked For Children’s Behavior

January 23, 2010

in Baby & Kid Stories

About two years ago, a family with three little ones were traveling from Chicago to Dallas, about a four hour jaunt. As the plane gets ready for takeoff, the dad starts freaking out. Apparently, the baby’s diaper was gone (the dad was sitting across the aisle from the mom and other two children) and she had done Number 2. He starts growling “honey, what happened to the baby’s diaper?” When wifey got the gist of what had happened, she immediately rushed the baby to the bathroom and got her cleaned up. Major mess avoided.

Funny thing is, they weren’t stopping in Dallas, they were moving on to Denver (strange). That flight for them was uneventful, even pleasant. However, as they disembarked and were coming into the waiting area, the little baby (the one who had lost her diaper previously) goes running ahead with (gasp) her diaper flopping around on one of her ankles. No poop. The dad did the funniest thing though. Instead of helping mom catch up to the kid, he walked past the whole scenario as if he didn’t even know them.

I know this story to be true because I was that dad. I have since graduated to flying from NY to Zambia, and the kids, despite being kids, have been great. One thing I ask though: Grace. It’s hard enough raising children these days, still harder to travel in a tiny space (for those of you with children, you know what I mean) with little ones. I heard a man tell a two-year-old “shut-up,” and felt badly for the family. In the same vein, we try our best to keep our children from doing things that they shouldn’t: kicking the back of seats, touching people’s heads (I do that sometimes), etc.

Also, we realize that on an 11 hour jaunt from the UK to southern Africa, it’s probably a good idea for everyone involved to buy that extra seat at 700 bucks, even though in some cases its NOT required. The kids will be better off, and so will your long-term flight neighbor, and those who are thinking of having children in the future.

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