Child’s Second Flight A Nightmare

November 24, 2009

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I had my second flying experience when I was 7 or 8. We were visiting my sister in Missouri, so we flew out of Pittsburgh because it was closest to our home in Pennsylvania. The flight out was nice, but the flight back was a nightmare. There was a foot of snow dropped on Pennsylvania the night before our flight. We were delayed for 14 hours, no hotel room was given to us. We had no where to sleep, they wouldn’t even give us food. It was horrible. Not only that, once we got onto the airplane to finally go home there was this kid sitting next to me who got air sickness. He threw up all over the floor and onto my shoe. It was horrible, his parents wouldn’t even clean it up. It was disgusting. I sat on this small cooped up plane back to Williamsport smelling vomit and dealing with really bad turbulence. I thought my life was going to end.

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Kad December 15, 2009 at 6:01 pm

And the lesson you should take away from your own story is that flying isn't like in the movies. It is uncomfortable, you get what you pay for and nothing more (who owes you a hotel room or food if you aren't prepared to pay for them yourself anyway), and not everyone is nice.

My mother sends my niece on 6 hour flights to see her grandmother with $20 'spending money'. I'm waiting for the day my niece spends 14 hours in an airport eating $6 slices of pizza and sleeping on plastic benches. It is incumbent on every traveller to have enough money to account for travel delays.

Airplanes aren't magic you know. They are subject to mechanical, weather, and security problems. They follow the laws of physics and society.


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