Good Deed For Naught

May 24, 2009

in Baby & Kid Stories

A couple of years ago, my wife and I were returning from a vacation celebrating our first year anniversary. We were flying Southwest and sitting next to each other on the aisle near the back of the plane. A young family gets on the plane late and the wife and young child have seats across the aisle from us. The tragedy of not sitting with his wife and child is too much for the husband, and the flight attendants are brought in to help them find seats together. Being a nice guy, I give up my seat so this family can sit together, even though it means my wife and I don’t get to sit together.

I was feeling pretty good about myself, but when my wife and I were leaving the plane she lets me know what a winner the guy was. Once he was in his seat he doesn’t say another word to the wife or kid. The wife also ignores the kid. Of course the parents haven’t brought anything to entertain the little tike, and they just let him run loose in the aisle, much to the irritation of the flight attendants. It is people like that who take advantage of people’s good nature that really get my goat.

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