Snow Causes Extreme Delays

April 17, 2009

in Delay/Cancellation Stories

We were scheduled to leave JAX airport at 3pm on our way to Dulles with a connection in ATL. There was snow moving into ATL so our flight was delayed until 8pm. We took off from JAX and landed in ATL around 930 or so. The snow was accumulating in ATL and not enough flights were getting out to allow a gate to open up for us. We sat on a “live” taxi way from 930 until midnight. We got off the plane and there was this line that took up pretty much the entire terminal with people trying to rebook.

Luckily we were flying into an airport that was open 24 hours a day. So we boarded our flight for IAD and pushed back from the gate around 1am. We were again on a live taxi way and that we must remain seated. Apparently ATL only has/had 3 de-icing machines and we were in line from 1am until 7am. Finally around 5am they brought beverage service so people could drink some water. We took off shortly after 7am and arrived into IAD just before 9am. It was truly the flight from hell.

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