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Hubby Dearest

November 29, 2007

in Couples Stories

About six years ago, I traveled with the passenger from hell. The problem was, it was my husband. We were going from New York to Sacramento, CA to visit my relatives. I should have known the trip was doomed when he forgot his insulin (hubby dearest was diabetic) and didn’t remember until we were almost […]


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I had travelled to beautiful Fort Huachuca, Arizona, to attend a military conference. Unfortunately. I was forced to spend the three days of the conference in the local hospital enduring treatment for kidney stones. Following surgery to remove said stones, I was released (with a final dose of Demerol and other pain meds) and subsequently […]


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Lets start off 4 hours delayed at take-off…….. My sister and I were on a flight from Puerto Rico to NYC. We usually pack very lightly so as to avoid the long baggage lines. Upon boarding the plane, it became very obvious that most people had decided to just push all their oversized baggage into […]


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This is my “worst-ever, round trip flight from Pittsburgh, PA to Seattle, WA” story. The departing flight to Seattle was a non-stop flight, which I prefer. As I was already seated on the plane, awaiting everyone else to board, a man in the seat next to me kept jumping up and sorting through his enormous […]


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