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I had booked my honeymoon travel tickets from Mumbai to Nice and back to Mumbai via London with Turkish Airlines. Let me start by saying that this has been the worst flight I have taken in my life. My honeymoon started as a flop because of Turkish Airlines. The staff was rude and arrogant.


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My experience wouldn’t really be considered a “Flight from Hell” — but it was an irritant. I was flying first class from Denver to Omaha and was carrying on my bag. I walked onto the plane and noticed a male flight attendant. I am a 60 year old female and I asked him if he […]


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Despite being a cold January the 3rd afternoon, the children’s excitement of escaping the cold of Buffalo Niagara in favour of Orlando and Walt Disney World had a buzz in both of the limousines that it took to bring our party of 10 to the airport from the hotel. Thankfully the curbside check-in was open, […]


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I was scheduled to fly US Airways from NAS to BWI with a plane change in PHL. I arrived at the airport and waited, only to have the flight delayed for an hour. After a few grumbles from us sunburned travelers, we waited for another hour – not that bad. As soon as we got […]


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My story concerns a flight from Houston to Portland, as part of a trip that was to end in Honolulu. My mother, age 75, was traveling with my oldest son and me. Our purpose was to attend my youngest son’s wedding in Honolulu. Because of my mother’s rather fragile health I arranged that we have […]


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Mr. Crazy

April 25, 2013

in Weird People Stories

I was flying back to Boston from a whirlwind week in Southeast Asia for a destination wedding in the Philippines– a four flight journey, including three consecutive nights on airplanes. On my way to the tropical island for the wedding, one of the plane’s two turboprop engines failed (over water) – leading to an emergency […]


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Boorish Behemoth

April 17, 2013

in Portly Stories

I had one trip that sticks out in my memory. My wife had departed several days early to MCO and our 4 year old daughter and I were following to join her. We had the window and middle seat. I had tried to get first class but was told it was sold out.


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Flight from Washington DC to Kuwait City = 12 hours. Although there were several issues leading up to this, I feel that this is the WORST part of the story so I decided to just cut to the chase… After arriving at my gate and waiting to board, I informed a female flight attendant that […]


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A Flight from Hell where I was the problem (for someone who deserved it). Now I unburden myself and plead for the forgiveness of the readers.


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Recently I had the misfortune of taking an AirTran flight from Atlanta to Washington DC. Before we left Atlanta we had to switch planes due to the WINDSHIELD WIPER needing replacement; its motor wasn’t working either. But it doesn’t end there…


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Maggots on Planes

April 2, 2012

in Non-Stories

Airlines aren’t known for the quality of their food, but a woman on a Qantas flight wasn’t expecting her snack to be a complete gross-out. While flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia Victoria Cleven discovered an unexpected ingredient in the package of trail mix that she purchased on the plane. While eating the food […]

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A Rough Day

November 27, 2011

in Luggage Stories

I live about 2000 miles away from my sister to whom I’m very close. One weekend, I made a quick flying trip home because I’d decided there was no way I was going to miss wedding dress shopping with her. It was a fantastic but very short and busy weekend. The last morning I was […]


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