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I was on my way back to KY from a wonderful trip to Alaska with my new boyfriend last year. Said attorney boyfriend was a NWA “Gold” member and we were flying in “first class” of a jet that didn’t actually have first class. The flight attendant requested everyone to remain in their seats since […]


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My 5 year old son and I took our annual trip to NY this February to visit family. On our return trip home to MN, I was unfortunately lucky to be sitting in the aisle seat on a Northwest Airlines. Not that I have any issues with NW but aisle seats, YES!! I always, ALWAYS […]


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I’m so happy to find this wonderful website, Flights From Hell, stories and commentary by people who matter the least to the airline industry, the passengers. I fly to Asia on a regular basis and am still mourning the loss of Thai airways direct flight to Bangkok from New York’s JFK. It’s amazing to note […]

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White Knuckled Flight

December 12, 2007

in Weather Stories

I was “lucky” enough to be on a NWA flight from Mpls, MN, that took off for Sioux Falls, SD, in spite of the fact that the flight had been delayed due to storms and despite the fact that there were some 57 tornados in and around Sioux Falls that night! As we were coming […]


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