frontier airlines

My mother has a friend who occasionally flies into a small municipal airport served by a commuter airline that partners with major carriers. When it came time for the friend to return home, I drove my mother and the friend to the airport. The friend had not purchased the return ticket in advance, so decisions […]


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Flying recently into DEN to ATL on Frontier (which surprises me to be writing this story; Frontier is my go-to airline out of DEN). All is well and good leaving DEN, everyone is friendly and helpful. Great trip so far. Our group of 5 people decided to catch an early flight to ATL so we could […]


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OK.  We all have had told or heard of classic airplane/airport stories.  I know when I traveled as an auditor in the early 90s I had experienced many; specifically, when a guy next to me tried to stuff his bag under my feet because he “wanted to stretch his legs during the long two hour flight.”  […]


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Working The System

February 2, 2010

in Airport Stories

In August of 2008, my daughter, wife and I flew from St. Louis to Jackson Hole, WY with Frontier Airlines. We connected through Denver. We planned somewhat poorly, with our last day in Yellowstone being our daughter’s last day of summer vacation. But we did have a great trip… at least until our attempt to […]


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