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Flight Full Of Flatulence

September 22, 2010

in Odor Stories

I was flying from Germany to Kenia with British Airways. The first annoyance was the arrangement of the seats: I had to sit straight up all the time because the seat rows were so tight that my knees bumped against the seat in front of mine, and I am a quite small woman. I don’t […]


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My parents are a little bizarre in that they don’t fly together. No matter what. Period. Full stop. So you can imagine the nightmare that sometimes ensues when they travel internationally to visit me, between layovers, different cities, and delays. They cut their own holiday short and I’m left to ferry back and forth from […]


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My husband and I flew from Calgary to London England last fall on British Airways. We checked with the airline a day ahead of time before making our seat selection to find out how full the flight would be. We were told it had lots of empty seats. We decided to each choose window seats […]


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I was on a flight from London to Detroit. I was seated in the middle seat of a 3 seat row, between two classmates. The seat row to my right was inhabited by two children and what seemed to be their nanny. After we took off, both of the little brats decided to run up […]


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I flew Pan Am several times never had a good experience. Here is the worst: Lining up for takeoff from Honolulu, a great BOOM!! made the whole plane shudder. Never mind, we took off anyway, the airplane shuddering slightly until we lifted off. Sitting next to me was a Pan Am pilot. After we were […]


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Atlanta to Gatwick, March 2007: We’re flying BA, my husband has the window seat, I have the middle seat, and here comes the guy with the aisle seat. He sits down and starts handling religious pamphlets, from a particular “brand” of religion that is very big on proselytizig. I think “oh no” and don’t say […]


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Overhead Bin Blues

October 17, 2008

in Luggage Stories

This took place quite a while ago, but it seems some things never change. In 1984 (yes, ’84) my husband and I went to Europe on our honeymoon, making several stops. The last visit was to London. We were booked on British Air for the return flight to the USA. I believe the plane was […]


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Here is my flight from hell. Leaving Paris to London; BA plane was late and we only originally had 1.5 hours between flight from London to NY. So now we only have about 30 minutes to make the connection in London. Get off the plane after having been through 2 security checks in Paris and […]


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I was on a British Airways flight from Miami to London, and my friend was seated behind one of the most obnoxious passengers I have ever seen. He was somewhat surly when awake, but he almost immediately put his seat all the way back in her lap and did not move for the entire seven […]


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