Pompous Passenger in First Class

February 9, 2019

in Passenger Stories

I flew First Class on a Lufthansa 747 from FRA to LAX back in 2016. I was seated in 2A while he was in 1D. He boards and he’s chatting with some other first class passenger and they settle in. Everything is going normal.

A little bit after takeoff he begins talking about how he was on his way to Vegas for work. He then proceeds to go on a rant about how his company wanted him to take Condor or Virgin Atlantic, but he will only fly First Class because Business Class is for “scumbags who have no money.” He also demands that he get a new glass of champagne after one sip because it wasn’t good enough. When the meal gets served he gets mad for not being served fast enough. Like seriously, WTF man!

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