Troubled by a Testy Traveler

October 11, 2013

in Airport Stories

My wife and I were flying home from Vegas a few years ago. We got to our airport departure lounge with about an hour to spare. It was crowded, and we were seated near the end of our row of seats. Lots of luggage was strewn throughout our aisle. The restrooms were located at the opposite end of our row, so I picked my way through carefully.

Upon returning I noticed that the aisle next to ours was much less congested, so I decided to walk through that one and just turn the corner to return to our seats. I got almost all the way to our end, when there was one guy laying in his chair with his legs stretched across the aisle partially resting on his suitcase and his feet on the chair opposite him.

I said, “Excuse me,” and he looked up and said I needed to go around the other way! I looked at him incredulously and asked him if he wouldn’t just let me through. He said because I was seated in the other aisle I needed to use that aisle, and he wasn’t going to move for me! Not wishing to further this confrontation into something really ugly, I just turned around and walked back, came through our crowded aisle, and took my seat.

My wife had seen the whole thing as he was seated almost directly behind me a few seats over, and just said, “That was unbelievable!”

The next thing, this guy got up, walked into our aisle shoving past everybody’s luggage, shouting, “OH EXCUSE ME, I’M SO IMPORTANT I HAVE TO GET THROUGH HERE RIGHT AWAY!!,” clearly attempting to mock what he considered to be my “rude” behaviour. He went down the length of our aisle, and then returned to his own seat.

Amid the comments of most passengers in our aisle, I think my wife said something along the lines of, “There is a real loser,” to which I added that he must have run out of medication while in Vegas.

The guy heard her comment (which was intended for his earshot), got up, pulled out his wallet, and pulled out 2 or 3 C-notes saying, “Well, this is what I won here, so who’s the loser now; probably you!” to my wife. At that point people were openly making comments about this idiot, and he quickly grabbed his suitcase and moved to the far side of the section.

As we boarded the plane we were seated in the front of coach, so I took the aisle seat, thinking that this guy would not be above an “accidental” slam of his carry-on in my face. However he simply stalked past us, eyes straight ahead. Just another story from Vegas!

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Mary October 29, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Arrogant Fuck!


781 February 12, 2018 at 10:25 pm

Oh, big, damn deal! I can't believe his wife's "attitude!!" Just "go around" the other way!!! Don't "stress" over things so dang much!!!!


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