Shook Up Over Shakedown

September 1, 2010

in Airport Stories

OK I am waiting for my flight in the Indira Gandhi National Airport in the capital city of India. There were four of us all in our early 2os. So we are waiting for our flight, tired and bored. This guy from Air India comes up to us and tells us that our luggage has exceeded the permissible 20 kgs. The guy was totally lying as we had checked to make sure that our luggage did not exceed the 20 kgs limit before leaving for the airport (that is the permissible limit in most of the Indian airlines). Then he tells us if we give him some money he could find some way for us. Of course we refused to give him the money. When we refused he goes and calls a cop and the freaking cop actually had the audacity to open our suitcases. The cop opens our bags and looks around, just because we refused to give them some money. Maybe we looked like some kids left on our own in the airport to them. God I swear I felt like punching them in the face. It was total harassment.

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tmaster September 2, 2010 at 6:39 am

how long back was this??
As it has been much better for the last 5-6 years..
Also, dont fly on AI, rather take Jet, you pay 10-15% extra but the service is way better


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