FAs Ignore Cell Phone Conversation

August 4, 2010

in Passenger Stories

I lived for 6 months in Kazakhstan last year. Not the one from the movie Borat, but in the original country. In spring 2009, I flew from Astana to Almaty on board Air Astana. Air Astana is the international operating and biggest airline of the country.

A 30-year-old woman was sitting on my left in a window seat. Two stewards were sitting with their face to us two seats in front of us in the companion seats. Then, a few seconds before the touchdown, the lady’s mobile phone started to ring. She took it calmly out of her handbag and started to speak with the caller. And she had to speak really loudly, because the landing procedure was really noisy. The two stewards just looked at her for a second and then continued their conversation.

I got really confused and upset and asked them why they didn’t intervene because use of a mobile is really dangerous, especially during the landing process.

They said: “Sir, sorry, but by the time we tell her not to use the cellphone and when she shuts it off, we will be at the terminal. It’s not worth the trouble. And she is the sister of the captain.”

Well, what more to say? Now I live in Germany again.

– Baris C., Frankfurt

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