Thunder Thighs

March 25, 2010

in Portly Stories

On a flight from RDU to MCI, the seat next to me on the CJR was empty. I thought nice, no travel companion. However, before the door closed, “THUNDER THIGHS” entered the aircraft, moving sideways down the aisle, and took her seat next to me. She said yes, that is my seat; I got up and let her sit in her seat next to the window. She gave me a pleasant hello and took her seat.

After about 20 seconds I noticed the strong odor of onions, like she took an onion bath. The smell was enough to make me sick, and on top of that her enormous right leg was wedged next to mine. It was summer, I was in shorts, she was in long pants. By the end of the flight the hair on my leg was completely soaked from her sweating. Thank God it was only a 1 1/2 hour flight.

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