Sweaty & Sticky

March 28, 2010

in Portly Stories

I was flying from Salt Lake City to Atlanta. The flight was almost full when I booked my flight so my options were limited. The plane was a 767 and I had to pick an aisle seat of three seats in the center column of seats. I was watching people walk down the aisles and as soon as I saw him I knew he was going to sit in the center seat. He was at least 350 pounds as he was asking for TWO seat belt extenders before he even got to his seat. I made sure the arm rest was down, but that did not stop him from spilling over into my seat. After about 30 minutes the part of my leg that was crushed up to him was all sweaty and sticky. All the way to Atlanta.

I am not skinny, but I stay in my seat and make an effort to make sure the person next to me has enough room (such as keeping my arm off the arm rest). I know some people have problems loosing weight, but if they are that overweight, they should have to buy two seats. Or I should not have to pay for an entire seat when I get to use only 75% of it.

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