B.O. Overtakes Plane

March 23, 2010

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I was on a flight from Vegas to Atlanta. I was already moody because I paid a premium for a direct flight to Milwaukee, which was canceled at the last minute. So, here I was, having to cut my Vegas vacation short, and waste an entire day traveling.

I got on the plane. Of course, I lose my reserved aisle seat and end up in a window seat. A large couple ends up sitting next to me. When I say large, think Scoop and Shonda from MTV. They were a very nice couple so I choose to make the best of it. They had just gotten married so we chatted for a bit. I took some pictures for them.

Suddenly, ten minutes into the flight, we are overpowered by a stench I could not identify. I was almost a combination of rotten vomit and extreme body odor. The poor woman next to me started dry heaving. Now, being a nurse, I have smelled really nasty stuff. This was NASTY! Even I was having a difficult time tolerating the smell. I pulled out my magic essential oils, and shared them with my seat mates. I prevented them from vomiting and adding to the odors. The FA must have finally sprayed something about 30 minutes later because the smell finally dissipated. I was never so happy to exit the plane.

I thought the horror was over until about 15 minutes into the flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee. That wretched smell was back. That same person was on my flight again. OMG! I wanted to scream! What had I done to deserve this?! Thankfully it was only an hour and a half flight. I bolted off that plane into fresh air.

People, please shower and wear deodorant before getting on a plane. Even if you can’t smell yourself, other people can!

Milwaukee, WI

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FF March 24, 2010 at 11:38 pm

I would like to ammend the shower and wear deoderant advice….

Shower and take cleaning wipes and do not wear any strong smelling deoderant or parfum as a lot of poeple are allergic to certain smells…. and getting routed to another airport because of a mayor astma attack is not nice either.


the logger March 25, 2010 at 4:58 am



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