Second Time Flight Takes The Cake

November 3, 2009

in Weather Stories

I have hated to fly my entire life, but when I was offered a chance to study in Ireland my senior year of College, I just could not pass it up. I convinced myself that I could make the 7 hour flight there, and I did. By the time it was time to come home, I figured 8 and 1/2 hours home would be cake. It was cake until the last hour of the flight. All of us had spent the night before drinking and catching up on every single memory of our trip, staying up all night so that we could just spend the time on the place sleeping the next morning.

I got on, of course extremely nervous, but so tired I did not even care. Once in flight, everyone was asleep. I take medication to fly, so I was out even harder than the others. All of a sudden, I was awakened by an extreme and harsh shaking. The plane had hit some out of control turbulence due to weather and had to go a bit out of its way to try to avoid it. It was unavoidable. The plane was shaking like crazy, dropping, going back up, etc. I felt the tears welling up. I looked out into the aisle and I heard the bags pop open. People left and right were getting sick, and scared that we were going down. Usually I cannot see someone get sick, but at this point all I wanted was to get on the ground safely. When we finally did, we all cheered and cried. It was the worst, yet most eye opening experience of my life.

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