Seatmates Bend Traveler’s Ear

November 8, 2009

in Senior Stories

I apparently have one of those faces where, no matter the situation, people feel the need to talk to me. I hear whole life stories.

I was flying from Providence, RI to Baltimore, MD. The plane, after landing in Baltimore, was then going to continue to Florida. An elderly couple sits next to me (I had the aisle seat). The woman had the most gaudy jewelry on. Well, as soon as the flight leaves (I was reading a book) she starts asking why I was going to Baltimore, etc. So I then decide she was being polite, ascertained she was from Florida, and inquired as to why she was visiting Providence. She then informs me that her mother had just been exhumed following some trial and they had to identify the body. She followed with details about her mother’s death and about how depressing it was. Thanks.

The same trip I was flying back to Providence. In the airport I had engaged in a conversation with an elderly gentleman. I get on the plane and find he had saved a seat next to him for me (so I’m in a middle seat, he had the window). The conversation continues. Then, out of the blue, and as loudly as possible he states “Baltimore would be so much better if there weren’t so many (insert racial slur here that begins with the letter “N”).” For the next hour I hear about how the city has gone downhill as a result of this one group of people. As we were landing he complains that he doesn’t like to fly out of the Providence airport because they want to bulldoze his house to put in another runway.

After that conversation I hope they do! People were staring at him and I can only imagine that they thought I agreed! For everyone else on that flight, I apologize!!


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