Car Left Running In Front Of Airport

September 3, 2009

in Airport Stories

I’ve got to tattle on myself. I used to travel by plane every week for a living in the days way before 9/11 (circa Reagan Presidency). Back then my darling husband used to drive me to the curbside check-in before going on to his job and we avoided all the expensive airport parking. One Monday morning, he couldn’t take me so I had to drive myself or maybe it was God driving because I was so stupid that morning.

Anyway, I pull up to the curbside check in as usual, the sky cap checks me in and I’m off through security to sit with my normal team of co-workers who got there early because we are on Southwest and want a “low number” so we could get good seats near the front. We are having a great time, laughing, chatting, drinking coffee, talking about what we need to do when we get to our “site” and then, just as the Southwest ticket agent starts calling our numbers, one of the folks starts commenting on how full the parking deck was today.

OH MY GOD! I suddenly realize I didn’t park my car when I got out to check in. Not only didn’t I park it, but it was RUNNING…with the DOOR OPEN…right in front of the airport and I was in the jetway! To my co-worker’s astonishment I screech “MY CAR!” and bolt back out and through the airport. Unbelievably my car is still there, still running and still standing door open. Guess nobody really wanted that grey Nissan Sentra with cheap factory stereo as much as I imagined.

I jump in and drive in mad circles to the top of the parking deck, run back into the airport, stripping off an excess of cheap gold plated jewelry and a decorative chain belt (did I mention it was the 80’s?) and practically dive through the x-ray machine. I get to the door just as a smirking gate agent pretends to close the door, but still lets me in, while laughing his head off at the silly, sweating blond girl in the business suit who now has to sit in the very back in the middle seat between the smelly guy with a turban on and the really ample woman covered in cat fur while her co-workers (and everyone else on the plane they told about me) clap and cheer.

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david September 4, 2009 at 11:29 am

you musta felt really smart about that one haha, how do you leave a car running at an airport when your catching a flight? its common sense to park it, either before or after check-in

i am suprised that your car wasn't towed away or anything, it shoulda been

also they let you exit through security? wow

you deserved to sit at the back with not so comfortable passangers (smelly guy and a fur wearing woman)……there is no need to point out the man was wearing a turban


Anonymous September 4, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Geez David, someone took their hostility pills today, mmmm let me guess, Oh it must be you


david September 5, 2009 at 1:26 pm

haha i guess so but im not sympathetic when it comes to something where its completely the persons fault where common sense is involved (dont say that it isnt common sense to move your car from a drop off area BEFORE you fly)

its not like you forgot to take medication in the morning or left a light on, those are accidental mistakes which are understandable, but leaving a car running is not a accidental mistake and it just doesnt happen if you are even paying somewhat attention


Adam September 5, 2009 at 10:11 pm

Sounds like a typical blond! I usually give people some credit for the occasional brain fart, but how stupid can you be, geeez!


Mabel August 28, 2010 at 4:31 pm

This made me LOL! One time I locked my car door with the lights on and the car running. I had to stand there for a half hour waiting for the PopLock people. Everyone who walked by felt the need to point out "Hey your car is running." I know, I know.

I feel her pain!


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