Kill The Monster

June 19, 2009

in Delay/Cancellation Stories

Have to love this story. Last year, my flight from Washington, DC, to San Francisco kept getting delayed because of thunderstorms. A flight that was supposed to take off at 6:00 PM didn’t take off until midnight. Anyway, after numerous fits and starts, people moving from one gate to another, promises from the airline, etc., we boarded the jet only to sit for another hour. Well, we began pulling away from the gate when, all of a sudden, the plane stops and we start moving back toward the gate. After about 10 minutes of stunned silence, the captain comes on the PA and says “We have to off-load a passenger because he doesn’t think he can sit for 6 hours on the plane.” WTF? Just open the door at 2,000 feet and push him out! He deserves it! Talk about the villagers wanting to kill the monster. After the passenger was off-loaded, we then had to sit for another ½ until a “spot” opened up for us in the air space over Chicago.

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