After a whirlwind weekend visiting friends in Orlando, Florida, my girlfriend and I were headed home to Houston, Texas. We had chosen to fly home on a Tuesday, as prices would be lower and the airports generally less crowded, making traveling out of a busy airport like Orlando a little easier.


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My line of work means I get involved with the US DOD fairly often. Unfortunately I also fit the “profile” of the type of chap the TSA likes to stop, being of a certain race with a certain surname. Being British-born and raised probably doesn’t help. Normally I just get the few odd second security […]


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Just last month my husband and I were headed out of town for a wedding. As we waited in line at airport security, a family in front of us were putting their belongings into the required screening bins, and they had so much stuff they used the last bin in the stack.


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During Thanksgiving weekend 2009 I was flying back to my home after a visit with family in Midland, Texas. Going through security, I removed my jewelry and shoes and put them in bins and then put my purse in another bin. I was wearing a velour jogging suit with a sports bra underneath. I was […]


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After many years of enduring being treated like some criminal for trying to fly, I have decided to take the train.


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Random Search

April 5, 2013

in Airport Stories

Last May, I traveled to Saint Louis to visit my daughter. I’m a very nervous flier and had not traveled by plane in almost 10 years. One reason I dread flying is that I am always selected for a random search. So, to avoid problems, I paid to check my bag and only took my […]


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I checked my bag for a flight to Canada that I missed due to being delayed by TSA. I was rebooked for another flight later in the day, and boarded this flight. The cabin crew was very unfriendly and was insistent that they check my carry on bag (which was a delicate sewing machine and embroidery attachments). I did […]


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