No More Sympathy

July 27, 2008

in Portly Stories

OK, no more sympathy for fat people. I was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Providence to Phoenix at the end of May, and a fat woman boarded and could not find a seat, so she chose to sit in the middle seat next to me on the bulkhead (no pun intended). I chose my […]


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I received automated telephone notification from American Airlines that my noon flight from NY to LA would be delayed an hour. When I got to the gate the equipment wasn’t there and departure time came and went. A half-hour later the flight was cancelled. We then had to go to the ticket counter, get our […]


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I was called to come to San Francisco from Dallas because my mother was dying. I am disabled and must use a wheelchair when I travel as I can’t walk very far. I told the airline about this when I made my reservation. Dallas went off with no problem. When I arrived in San Francisco […]


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