Close to the Edge

November 15, 2011

in Airplane Stories

“African aviation has the worst safety record in the world.” Over many years and millions of miles flying across the length and breadth of Africa, I had a true appreciation of that seemingly innocuous phrase. Yeah, well it’s still safer than crossing the road, isn’t it. Is it? Depends. One of the things it depends […]

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On Christmas Day 2005, my family received the grim news that my grandfather had passed away from Alzheimer’s. While we knew this was going to happen within that 2 week period, obviously we were not expecting it to happen on Christmas Day. We had to book a ticket to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which anyone from […]


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My husband, three kids and I were traveling from Brussels to Chicago around Thanksgiving 2006 on emergency leave as my father was dying. In fact, they were just waiting for us to arrive before they “pulled the plug.” So, already a miserable trip. Unfortunately, our newly potty trained little one peed his pants. I had […]


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I was flying from Cyprus to Frankfurt, Germany on Cyprus Air. An elderly Greek woman had been in the boarding area and was struggling with a suitcase and many helpful people assisted her and I was impressed with the European people’s kindness and respect of this elderly woman. I was seated in my window seat […]


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