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Urine Soaked Seat

July 28, 2010

in Seat Stories

A few years ago – on a flight from Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon the overweight and asleep gentleman next to me urinated on his and, ultimately, on my seat. I promptly stood up – to avoid sitting on a urine-soaked seat, and asked the nearest flight attendant for permission to move to another seat […]


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This happened this past summer on my way from IAH to ABQ. I had gotten on the flight early and had settled into my window seat. I was lucky enough to get a bulk head seat, as I like to stretch out my legs. I was reading my book when a big, I mean BIG […]


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I was on a LA to NYC flight with my son (11 years old) and before we left, my son bought a bunch of throwing stars from one of the China Town gift shops in LA. These things were Razor Sharp, I had no clue my son also bought a mini katana which when I […]


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I was on a flight from Hong Kong to New York in first-class. It’s a 14-hour flight and about 7 hours in, a man began getting up, walking to an area specifically for the flight crew and walking back. Soon, I noticed they were telling this man to take his seat and NO, he could […]


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