“Mr. Star” Extorts Fee for Carry-On

May 7, 2017

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Dear Mr. Star,

It is time we had a talk. Me, myself and I can no longer fly with you. It’s not me, it is you. For years, we have fallen head over heels for your illusion of cheap fares, only to be stung by new and inventive fees. Each time I have flown with you it has been challenging and a compromise. The game of hide and seek with your fees through the booking process has become a bore. I am sick of fighting for space, getting lost on your website, and being inundated by your junk mail.

The last time we got together will be our last; extortion is just not a good look on anyone. We played your games via your website, queues and unhappy staff. We lost that game, having paid the price of the fare, seat, baggage, and anything else you can add as an extra, and then seeing friends make better deals with your competitors.

Finally, on the day I traveled, I was standing by the gate, reluctant to deal with your grumpy staff, but content that no more damage could be done. I had my small carry-on in my hand with just enough to get me through the weekend. But you surprised me again. Weighing my carry-on along with my handbag, you found that the combined weight was just over your seven kilogram limit. You demanded that my carry-on bag needed to be placed under the plane, and the privilege would cost me fifty dollars. With the plane boarding, the choice was to pay, leave my bag, or not to fly that day. Hence why it is called “extortion.” Why couldn’t you just release my personal photos??

Please do not call or text; I am on holidays flying with anyone else. You’re just not worth the headache, or my time.


Your Ex-Customer

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madachode May 16, 2017 at 4:46 pm

Stay home then with your silly metric system.


Substantial May 16, 2017 at 8:47 pm

Stay in the 19th century with your silly ye-olde imperial system.


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