Fed Up with Customer Disservice

June 2, 2016

in Delay/Cancellation Stories

I purchased a round trip ticket one month in advance to Seattle from New Orleans. The original purchase had the plane scheduled to arrive in Seattle on a late Thursday night. This was because I wanted to spend one day in Seattle prior to catching a separate flight from Seattle to Japan that was due to leave Saturday at 9am.

My flights were delayed and rebooked multiple times; I did not reach Seattle until Saturday at 2am. I called the customer service department a total of five times over the course of my delays and rebooking, and three times I was simply told “sorry,” and one time I was hung up on. I was not aggressive on the phone with any of the customer service representatives.

I was called afterwards and told I was rebooked for a flight that would not arrive in Seattle until 11AM on Saturday (which meant it would be impossible to connect with my next flight). So I called a fifth time; only then was I finally helped. She told me, “I don’t know why nobody just did this in the beginning,” then she set me up with the flight that has me here in Seattle now. Which truly makes me feel as if I was part of some bad joke.

I had to purchase a hotel in Seattle at 2am and now my next flight leaves at 9am with Alaska Airlines. Meaning my two day trip turned into six hours at a cheap hotel. I am ashamed because I am continuing to waste my own time, which should be spent trying to find food and getting some sleep, attempting to release my frustration on a f*cking computer screen.

American Airlines, if you read this, all I ask is that next time you guys should use lube when you decide to f*ck your American customers. Because if this happened in Europe I would have gotten paid.

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CMR June 6, 2016 at 10:37 pm

Why were you delayed/rebooked so many times?


Then C June 10, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Two weeks ago, I was on a UA flight from PHX to SFO. Sitting in front of me across the aisle was a lady in pilot uniform. She was fervently surfing the net long after the pilot announced all electronic devices to be shut down for take off. I was amused by that and started taking a video. Amazingly, flight attendants came around again and again and turned the other way when passing her. She seemed to know exactly when to stop, when the plane actually starts it's lift off. These airline folks must be really stupid to think passengers do not see the double standard.


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