Flight Attendants Share Hotel Hell Photos

December 27, 2015

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I unintentionally started something in 2011 when I posted some gross photos of hotel filth to my Facebook page. The response was revulsion, but Car Crash kind of revulsion. People couldn’t look away. So, the next time I saw something – and it didn’t take long – I posted it. Same response. And then… people started sending me their own stuff. Eventually I just started archiving them at hotelnightmares.com.

One of my best friends in the world is a flight attendant. She shared the link to Hotel Nightmares and voilà, her flight crew community has sent some pretty awful content, some of which are posted below. Crap pay, dealing with crap, AND crap. Literally. That’s a career I’m envious of.

– Paige Nienaber

Mommy, Why Are There Pee Pees On The Door?
Discovered by a flight attendant on layover in LA. She reported it to the carrier so she wouldn’t get blamed.

Hotel Nightmares FA 1 (1)

There Probably Wasn’t Much Of A View Anyway
From a flight attendant on layover in Corpus Christi. She blames the opaque window crud on: “Salt air and the petrochemical plants on every street corner.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 2

Along Came A Spider
A flight attendant at a hotel in Milwaukee found this little bugger lowering itself down to join her in bed. Shrieks and hairspray sent it RAPIDLY back up to safety on the ceiling.

Hotel Nightmares FA 3

Ceiling Mold
From a flight attendant at a Radisson: “I was walking to go warm my food up in a communal lobby microwave because we get no micros in rooms. I felt something drip onto the hand I was holding my food in. I looked up and saw this.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 4

From a flight attendant: “My toe just got stuck in some unidentifiable goo on the floor in my room. I refuse to get down and smell it for the sake of the research department.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 5

The Room Comes With (A View Of) AC
From a flight attendant on layover at a Holiday Inn brand in Denver. Members of her crew discovered homeless people sleeping in the stairwells.

Hotel Nightmares FA 6

That Came OUT Of The Shower
From a flight attendant on layover. After she showered she noticed all of the dirt particles that had accumulated on the floor of the tub. She swears it wasn’t on her when she got in, it wasn’t there WHEN she got in, so that pretty much leaves one conclusion.

Hotel Nightmares FA 7

Moldy Hair Dryers
From a flight attendant on layover in New York City. The Captain from the crew found a giant cockroach on the ceiling of his room.

Hotel Nightmares FA 8

Anti-Peeping Proofing
From a flight attendant at The Focus at SFO: “Checked in and found paper wadded-up, plugging the door peephole.”

Hotel Nightmare FA 9

A Fungus Among Us
From a flight attendant on layover in Orlando who believes there was an actual danged ‘shroom growing in the shower at her hotel.

Hotel Nightmares FA 10

There Appear To Have Been Snails In The Room
From a flight attendant on layover in Oklahoma City where not one but TWO of the chairs (room and Business Center) appear to have been visited by the same guest.

Hotel Nightmares FA 11

Hotel Nightmares FA 11 A

Someone Really Wanted To Get In
Someone REALLY wanted in to this room at the Galt House in Louisville.

Hotel Nightmares FA 12

Layover Filth
From an airport hotel in Orlando. Nice. Probably not a tub you’d want to take a bath in.

Hotel Nightmares FA 13

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me Come In…
Someone really wanted in. The flight attendant who posted this said “Screw it” latching the door and curling up in a corner with a can of mace for the night. If you notice, the door has been kicked in about half an inch making it “off.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 14

Hairy Scary Shower Handles
From a Flight Attendant working on Thanksgiving: “Bad enough I am flying and coming down with the FLU. So I was not too observant before stepping into the shower this time. Almost through with shower and I then see this. Since I had not eaten anything today it was just dry heaves. Looks like someone was pulling loose hair out and just sticking it on top of grab bar. I also saw a red hair on edge of tub. I wear flip-flops in shower. And I am brunette.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 15

Room Invasion
Someone REALLY wanted to get into this room.

Hotel Nightmares FA 16

Not So Grate
What the Hell? At an airport hotel in Syracuse.

Hotel Nightmares FA 17

The Most Jacked Up Hotel Chair Ever
I think we have all of the bases covered. Liquid. Solid. Gas. And “liquidas.” From a struck-blind flight attendant in Charlotte.

Hotel Nightmares FA 18

Sink Dribbleage
Another look at some under-the-sink grossness at a Comfort Inn in DC from a flight attendant being a tourist.

Hotel Nightmares FA 19

NCIS: Clarion
Blood on a bed. Is it fair that flight attendants who deal with this crap on the job should have to find it when they’re on a romantic getaway with their sweetie?

Hotel Nightmares FA 20

Lays & Laytex
Only on Halloween would a flight attendant find Playboy brand condoms in the vending machine.

Hotel Nightmares FA 21

If You Ignore It, Maybe It Will Disappear
Not a great find if you have issues with fear of fire, electrocution and spontaneous combustion. Spotted at an airport Best Western.

Hotel Nightmares FA 22

Enter At Your Own Risk
From a flight attendant stranded in Shanghai for two days because of equipment problems. She said the bath water appeared to come directly from the river 21 floors below her hotel window.

Hotel Nightmares FA 23

A Little Birds Nest Of Hair
A diminutive flight attendant who found this cache of hair in her hotel shower at a Courtyard by Marriott in Richmond.

Hotel Nightmares FA 24

Multi-Tasking With Your Bidet
At the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman, Jordan courtesy of one of the legion of harried, under-paid, over-abused sky waitrons.

Hotel Nightmares FA 25

When Electroluxe Meets Flobee
On an international jaunt: “I would like to proclaim my absolute hatred for these types of hairdryers. Not only does it look like a vacuum cleaner or a Flowbee, but it takes me 25 minutes to dry my hair with this POS.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 26

Eventually you need a first room service pic. From an employee of a major airline who had this “bacon” delivered to her as breakfast. It looks like something from the Abrasion Room at a leper colony.

Hotel Nightmares FA 27

Cover Spread Tryst
Housekeeping took Labor Day off. Large crusty white stain at a LaGuardia hotel.

Hotel Nightmares FA 28

From a jet-lagged airline employee staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, India: “I don’t think this toilet has been properly cleaned since the 80’s. Or perhaps it has and the guest before me just drank the tap water. Either way… GROSS!”

Hotel Nightmares FA 29

Good Luck Sleeping
From a charter crew laying over in Cabo: “Went looking for an outlet for my phone & found this behind the bed… Two power cords to lamps spliced together with electrical tape & you can see where it had sparked at one point. Makes me wonder how many other rooms have this. If I die in a fire here, I figure someone should know what may have started it.”

Hotel Nightmares FA 30


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Belle January 1, 2016 at 4:15 am

I have always appreciated flight attendants, but after seeing this I appreciate them even more. Also, I shouldn't have looked at these pictures while pregnant and experiencing bad nausea. People can be so gross.


Maryl January 21, 2016 at 6:23 am

Nice Post


Jeanne September 20, 2016 at 12:48 pm

OMG, I shouldn't have clicked this. Haha. When I read "hotel hell" in the title, I was actually just expecting the standard dilapidation or mess, but this featured so much more. This is hotel creativity at its "finest."


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