Three Days and Hundreds Spent to Get Home

October 17, 2010

in Delay/Cancellation Stories

I thought my trip to Dominican Republic from Detroit on American Airlines was bad due to delays that ended up getting us there 10 hours later than scheduled. However, that proved to be good since it took me 3 days and hundreds of dollars more to get home.

We start with the return leg from Santo Domingo to Miami which they said was cancelled due to weather. I thought this was odd since the same airline had another flight that was delayed and going out 15 minutes later to Miami. They said our flight could not pick up new passengers earlier in Miami to bring them here so they did not come. I thought since the weather cancellation was not on my leg of the trip that they should put me up for the night. Wrong. So after a $40 cab ride downtown and $370 for a night at the Holiday Inn and another $40 ride back to the airport, we try again the next day.

Guess what – delayed again. We finally get to Miami and they see that we connect to Detroit; they say it’s already left and to go to the reschedule counter. In line we see that it didn’t leave the gate for another half hour. We get to the counter and they do put us up in a motel and say they can get us a flight through Chicago to Detroit the next day. I informed them that they hadn’t made a connecting flight yet, and I didn’t feel like spending a fourth day in Chicago’s airport. We were then scheduled a non-stop to Detroit with Delta with no problems.

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The Un Racist one November 25, 2010 at 12:37 am

You know i made a trip from Shen Zhen (China , Hong Kong region) to London and we visited Thailand, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Paris, and then we arrived at London and caught a taxi. The whole flight was 38 hours. Oh and it was all by one airline.


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