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September 12, 2009

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On a flight from Portland OR to Nashville TN I sat behind a woman and her 2 sons that looked to be about 11-13 years old. The woman had no less than 8 drinks with beer chasers during the 4 hour flight. The kids were loud and obnoxious. At first they were playing with Legos to pass the time, not just a few, they had brought what looked to be three one gallon sized bags of them. Rather than just grabbing the pieces they needed from the bags, they had lowered their tray tables and dumped the full contents onto them but mostly onto the floor. After about 10 minutes of arguing about who was going to use which pieces they broke out into a shouting match and some punches were being thrown.

 The boy’s mother did nothing to stop them until a passenger one row up and over finally turned around and told the lady to get control of her children. She yelled something incoherent at him and then back at the kids. It took them nearly 45 minutes of climbing under all our seats to collect all the pieces off the floor. She then told them to occupy themselves with their other ‘toys.’ One pulled a full size Slinky from his backpack and proceeded to pass it from one hand to the other making a chinking noise. The other retrieved what looked to be a 12-15 in long piece of corrugated pipe and a wooden dowel, which he would run up and down the length of the pipe making a grating noise. This went on for nearly 10-15 minutes with people giving them all kinds of looks and the mother glaring back at people. Finally again someone asked the woman to have her kids stop the racket. She again responded by yelling at the person making the request, but this time everyone around her all started talking at her at the same time. She once again yelled at the kids. The flight attendant brought some headphones for the kids to watch what was left of the in-flight movie while mom ordered up another double whiskey… a terrible time.

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saw September 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm

Betcha wanted to take that wooden dowel and use it on the kiddies' behinds …. and then, on mom's.


KPinky January 18, 2010 at 9:19 pm

It's funny, most parents would get their kids to take a book on a flight or a hand held silent game. People just don't care any more. I would be so embarrassed if my kids were socially retarded.


Amir August 1, 2016 at 10:48 pm

Don't criticize all pre-teens, I recently flew on a 4 hour flight on United next to a 12 year old unaccompanied minor. He behaved better than most adults on airplanes, he was a very nice kid who looked out the window most of the time and played a silent game on his iPad. I wish all kids behaved this well.


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