Don’t Eat Chili Dogs Before A Flight

June 10, 2009

in Food & Drink Stories

It was late on a Friday afternoon. A bunch of us were flying from Memphis to Little Rock on a puddle jumper. The flight was delayed so we all decided to get something to eat. In the Memphis airport at the time, about the only food to eat was hot dogs. All of us got loaded chili dogs – big mistake! Man, they did taste good though, especially washed down with a beer.

Somewhere between Memphis and Little Rock, we hit an air pocket and the plane dropped several hundred feet. One of the ladies in my group belched so loud, it echoed through the plane. She was a very polite, mannerly Southern Belle. Her comment which cracked us all up was, “That chili dog tasted great the first time around but the second time was even better!”

I guess this doesn’t really classify as a flight from hell but it was sure funny!

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Awesome-sauce March 3, 2010 at 8:04 pm

you are stupid


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