Holy Bovine!

November 16, 2007

in Luggage Stories

Air India: Holy Cow! (Pun intended.)
I just flew them from Newark to Paris.
1. On arrival, my luggage was delayed by TWO HOURS.
2. On departure, the flight from Paris was delayed by FIVE HOURS, leaving me to miss my connection to SFO.
3. At Newark, I had to spend TWO HOURS waiting on line (once I figured out which line to wait on, because no one from the airline was there to assist), to get a voucher to spend the night at a crappy airport hotel.
4. No apologies from the airline at any point.

I got what I deserved: Several years ago, I flew Air India from New York to London:
1. On the way over, my luggage was LOST
2. On the way back to New York, I was bumped, because, as they told me, “Air India always over-books by ten percent.”
3. I was put on a Kuwaiti airliner EIGHT HOURS later.
4. I received nothing more than a 7 Pound airport food voucher
5. I wrote to the airline saying “I don’t think I’ll fly Air India again.”
6. They wrote back saying “Well, it sounds like you’ve made up your mind. Good luck,” and offered no compensation –not even an apology!


BTW: Their lavatories STINK worse than any other airline’s.

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