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I was dreading the flight even before take-off in Bhuj, India, near Pakistan. Not exactly on the map for international fun seekers. I was there as a media consultant for a Jain charity called Veerayatan. Security is tight at the airport and run by the Indian Army, so that means that it is a secure […]


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OK I am waiting for my flight in the Indira Gandhi National Airport in the capital city of India. There were four of us all in our early 2os. So we are waiting for our flight, tired and bored. This guy from Air India comes up to us and tells us that our luggage has exceeded the […]

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Just have to say that this site has been an oasis to me – to reflect and perhaps even laugh about the calamities we encounter in commercial aviation. One such nightmare was onboard Air India, or “Scare India” as my family called it then. On or around 1998 I was travelling from DXB to BKK and was […]


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I was flying Air India between Mumbai and Delhi back in the late 1980s. The passenger in the seat beside me was a middle aged man who had obviously never been on a plane before. His hand luggage consisted of a 5L plastic container of diesel. I knew it was diesel because it was leaking […]


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Holy Bovine!

November 16, 2007

in Luggage Stories

Air India: Holy Cow! (Pun intended.) I just flew them from Newark to Paris. 1. On arrival, my luggage was delayed by TWO HOURS. 2. On departure, the flight from Paris was delayed by FIVE HOURS, leaving me to miss my connection to SFO. 3. At Newark, I had to spend TWO HOURS waiting on […]


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